Find of the Day


The parcel that you have been waiting for just arrived. It’s your new lens. Being absolute new to the DSLR realm, this is your first time to actually switch your lens from that old but trusty kit lens that you have been spamming with. Being super excited, you swiftly switched the lens to the new bad boy bazooka, a 70-200mm 2.8.

“With this I can take great pictures! Hoorah!”

You looked through the viewfinder.

But there is but one thought.


Gosh, how to use this thing?

Oh my hard earned MONEY!




Well I was in that exact situation before.

Being complete novice with money to spend with, I took the same path. And I almost cried.

Well that was years ago.


So, what kind of advice are there from this? Here are some:

  1. Check the review and pictures taken with the lens before buying it! ALWAYS!
  2. Try out the lens first! Ask your friends if they have any. Or find any store that rent one. Take the feel such as the weight, focal length range, etc.
  3. Or ignore the above and jump the gun and have fun exploring this newly found world!

I’m new to photography. Does the telephoto lens have a place in cityscape or urbanography? I live in Chicago and Chicago specifically downtown /skyline is my subject.

Yes, absolutely! There are lots of opportunities for using telephoto lenses in urbanography and citiscapes!

I’m sorry forgive my ignorance but could you give me some examples? Thanks

Come up with your own! Head out into the city without any other lenses and see what you come up with.


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